This Bengaluru Guy’s Yummy Homemade Ice Creams Are Served In Coconut Shells

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Bumping into Jaatre Small Batch Ice Creams was a pleasant surprise. We’re told it’s run by a Bengaluru guy, who sources the freshest ingredients and experiments with the most offbeat flavours including a certain Black Pepper & Cardamom (much needs to be said about bringing in the local touch, right?).

What Makes It Awesome

With an ice-cream maker that churns small, fresh batches of homemade yumminess, this one’s a saviour for those living/working/studying close to NFC. The parlour is small, but the tropical vibe with spots of teal and plants and coconuts is hard to miss. When asked why it was called Jaatre, we figured it was Kannada for yaatra or journey and while it seems like an odd choice for a dessert joint, we decided to not dwell on it, because we got too busy clicking our ice creams in coconut shells. 

Without being sickeningly sweet, these cold treats we tried were refreshing on a grey and gloomy winter afternoon. We tried the Ratnagiri Mango that tasted like a scoop of sweet nostalgia, with a distinct fruit flavour. It was, in fact, very encouraging that it smelt and tasted nothing like the synthetic desserts that are now taking over. Tender Coconut was another office favourite.

The next time we’re around, we’re trying the Orange & Chocolate and the intriguing Jamun Jeera sorbet.

What Could Be Better

Sharifa (custard apple) was the one variant that didn't garner as much love, but we believe it's a personal choice.