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Chhole Samosa, Kickass Vadas, Upma & Shakes Next To Jantar Mantar

Navni posted on 28 September

We find that hole-in-the-wall joints often have the tastiest food, and this holds very very true for the stalls behind Jantar Mantar. This is the lane where all the strikes and protests take place, but we can assure you, hunger strike isn’t on the cards.

There are three main stalls here- South Indian Snacks Centre, a shake stall and one that whips up samosas and other north Indian snacks.

Where should you begin? We NOMinate the…

Vada Sambhar

Crispy perfection on the outside and soft on the inside with a generous helping of sambhar to top it off,  the vada sambhar is ideal if you’re looking for a little something to munch on in between meals, perhaps.

Masala Mysore Dosa

We’re happy to report these guys don’t skimp on the masala part of the dosa. There’s perhaps only a one inch margin on either side of the dosa which you have to eat plain.

Team crispy hot bites with alternate bites of sambhar and coconut chutney.

Chhole Samosa

On the extreme left is a rotund uncleji sitting with a beautiful stack of samosas. These are served with a generous helping of spicy chhole- we didn’t particularly like that the samosa gets soggy after a while, but if you can wolf it down quick enough, do it!

PS: This stall also does rajma chawal and kadi chawal and we spotted quite a large number of takers for these.

Chikoo Milkshake

There’s a bhaiya strategically placed between these two stalls preparing an array of drinks. He does shakes using seasonal fruit- the chikoo is a winner, as per us. The badam milk is pretty great too if you don’t mind kesar. 

He also does hot chocolate, hot coffee, masala chai and green tea. And if you still need respite from the spice, there’s always a few ice cream carts dotting this area.

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Street Food

South Indian Snacks

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locationConnaught Place

Near Jantar Mantar Bus Stand, Jantar Mantar Road, Connaught Place, New Delhi

Street Food

South Indian Snacks

locationConnaught Place