Time To Play Bartender : Make Fun Drinks At Home With Jimmy's Cocktail Mixers


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    What Makes It Awesome

    Throwback to the good' ol days when we used to religiously land up at our favourite pubs on weekends and dive knee-deep into those perfect concoctions of our favourite liquor. Or those unplanned (and planned too, we've done both) trips to our favourite breweries after a gratifying day at work. How we wish we could go back to the mere sight of a bartender pouring and mixing drinks for us. Since that doesn't seem to be on the cards anytime soon we resorted to Jimmy's Cocktails - an online beverage brand that is delivering ready-to-drink or mix cocktails. 

    Take out those bar (s)tools, watch those videos and get ready to prepare classic cocktails at home. Jimmy's Cocktails retails non-alcoholic mixers which are low in calories and made with natural flavours. Their Sex On The Beach is a delightful blend of oranges, cranberries, peaches and some triple sec. Stir it up with some White Rum or Vodka and let the zest of orange make your Sundays better. On Wednesdays, we drink pink (if you know, you know). Make yourself a refreshing glass of Cosmo with their mix - the fusion of cranberry and lime juice hits the notes perfectly. For those of us yearning for a classic Bourbon Old Fashioned, Jimmy's Whiskey Sour is close enough to get your groove on. That coupled with some Jazz and Blues with make for a snug evening. The last variant of Jimmy's splendid mixers is the Mango Chilli Mojito for when you feel like going back to rum. Each of their bottles is 250 ml and are ideal for preparing two drinks. The best part, these can be enjoyed as mocktails too.

    A single bottle of these mixers costs INR 99 (excluding tax and other charges) and makes 2 bar quality cocktails. You can also buy these in packs of four (INR 396), six (INR 594), twelve (INR 1,188) and twenty-four (INR 2138). The more the better, right?

    What Could Be Better

    We would love to see them expand their collection of cocktail mixers. 


    You can bring home the celebrations this festive season with Jimmy’s Cocktails Limited Edition Party Pack! Play the perfect host with this set of mixers, complete with a swanky whiskey glass, copper peg measure and stirring spoon & garnish fork..Talk about premium quality and finesse! This also makes for a perfect festive gift, especially for your friends and fam who love a good cocktail.