Kagaz ke Phool: Turning Your Memories into Memoirs


Namit Maheshwari at Kagaz ke Phool began by writing stories based on personal accounts. And now, he gives you a book full of your memories to have and to hold.

Gift of the gab

To cut a long story short, Kagaz ke Phool writes stories based on your life and publishes them exclusively for you. You or anyone else can be the protagonist of the story, with trials and successes being the twists and turns of the account. This is your book—to give or to keep. They also do bound biographies and customised diaries.

Found and bound

What better than a sister accumulating all the anecdotes from her childhood and gifting it to her elder sister? Or a son to his mother?

How your story is published is up to you, but usually the publication divides each of its books into three sections—the story, an album of photographs and the Tijori. Kagaz ke Phool tries to do justice to your words, adds your handpicked photographs to the album and the Tijori {treasure chest} serves as a bank of letters written by the protagonist’s loved ones.


The publishing process {fondly called safarnama} is a lengthy one, {only organic handmade parchment is used}, with options of binding material in velvet, brocade, leather and more. The book comes inside a handsome wooden chest, which is why we recommend this especially for silver jubilees and birthdays.

Personalised gifting just got more personal, we think.

Price: On request

Contact:  +91 7838079093, email at mail.kagazkephool@gmail.com

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