Keep Anil's Cafe At Char Dukan In Mind On Your Next Visit To Mussoorie

    What Makes It Awesome?

    Char Dukan literally has four tiny shops selling similar things and living in harmony. It's been a famous haunt for boarding school children and tourists since forever, with all of the great homemade paranthas, waffles and pancakes they have. And not to forget the maggi they serve here. Anil's serves up an interesting Wai Wai with cheese and egg which changes up things quite a bit! It's almost always full, so make sure to grab a seat for breakfast with a great view of the hills. The next time you're in Mussoorie, hit up this place before taking a walk to lal tibba to get a view of the snow capped peaks!

    What's My Pro Tip?

    Hills have narrow roads, so naturally parking will always be an issue, but there is a parking area right there so there's no reason to worry at all!