Check Out The Tasty Kerala Parantha From This Outlet!

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Kerala Kizhi Parotta, a local dish of layered Malabar Parotta with meat and Gravy prepared with hand pounded spices, wrapped and steamed in banana leaves. Its a very unique dish and not easily served in Delhi NCR.

But this place The Southie Couple is there for you to try out this dish.

Now the question is, how even do they prepare this dish
Okay, so the below points will answer this question.
1. All spices are hand pounded.
2. They do not reuse cooking oil.
3. They use sesame oil, coconut oil, desi ghee in the food.
4. The kitchen is properly sanitized and food is cooked with absolute hygiene.
5. All the recipes here are from their dadis and nanis. That’s where the health is.
6. They don’t copy the new-gen 5-star recipes.
7. The food is cooked with love and utmost care.

The delivery service is great and the food was packed really well. Now coming to the price, I believe its quite reasonable. For Chicken based Parotta it's just Rs 280.

Totally loved the taste of this dish. Highly recommended.