Kev's In Satya Niketan For A Cheap Yet Filling Meal

    Satya Niketan, Delhi


    Kev’s is all about two things; the milkshakes and Maggi. Located in the Satya Niketan market, it’s just a counter without any seating arrangement, though you will mostly always find it to be crowded, their USP being their low prices and good food.

    Chow Down

    Russian Maggie , Mexican Maggi, Italian Maggi, Cassata Ice-Cream {one of the best}, Punjabi Tadka Maggi

    Sip On

    Rose Lemonade, Mango Shake, Honey Fruit Shake, Chocolate Punch Shake

    Winning For

    The low prices and amazing shakes

    Bang For Your Buck

    We’d especially recommend their Maggi; they have around 20 flavours to choose from, and all of them are quite awesome. Kev’s is quite budget-friendly too, with all the Maggie flavours priced at INR 40, the sandwiches around INR 30 – 60, and shakes from INR 60 – 90. It’s also a small joint and there’s no seating arrangement, though that would hardly stop you from enjoying the food.

    You can often find the students from the colleges nearby hanging around this joint, though there are also quite a bit of families waiting on the counter for their food during the weekends. Don’t miss their Russian Maggi for anything; a flavoured variant of your usual Maggi that I personally like and order every time I go there {it’s also not that spicy}.


    While you can take your car there, it’s a bit difficult to find a parking spot during weekends {though worry not, it’ll soon be accessible by the metro}. The road is also quite jammed up then, so we’d advise timing your visit during the week for best results.

    Find them on Facebook here.

      Satya Niketan, Delhi