#TrueStory: These Home Decor Shops In Lajpat Nagar Are All You Need For A Budget Makeover


    Lajpat Nagar has long been our go-to for sari blouses and affordable bling of every kind. Only recently, we discovered a whole new purpose. Curious to see if this market had anything for a home improvement project, we set out with our eyes wide open and heart full of hope. And boy, were we blown away!

    Everything from plants and bird cages to cushion covers and table mats, there variety was stunning and the prices, were even more so. If your bargaining skills are on point, you’ve struck gold, honestly. 

    Now, take a look at all that we unearthed and tell us if we’re lying.

    Flower Pots & Lamps

    Indian Handicraft

    Lajpat Nagar - 2, Delhi

    We Found: The bare white brick wall adorned with a shelf full of tiny flower pots and wall hangings might catch your attention at shop no. 10. Once you step inside, it’s a fairyland jungle with every nook stuffed with birdcages, flower sticks, bicycle-shaped plant holders and Moroccan lamps in every shape and size.

    At: Indian Handicraft

    For: Flower pots starting at INR 150, flower sticks at INR 75 a piece and Moroccan lamps for INR 1,250 {or less depending on the size}

    Fuss Free Greens & Blooms


    Lajpat Nagar - 2, Delhi

    We Found: Faux bonsais, beaming sunflowers and bright flower arrangements at Vatika are perfect for those who like to live a low maintenance life. Since it’s painful to see your beloved plants wilt and wither because you’re too busy to water or have a no-nothing green thumb, it’s better to get these artificial beauties that will last a lifetime and perk up dull tables/corners in a jiffy. 

    At: Vatika

    For: Fake bamboo at INR 790, bonsais at INR 850 and hanging planters at INR 690

    Pre-Stitched Curtains

    Dayal Handlooms

    Lajpat Nagar - 2, Delhi

    We Found: Stitched curtains in a myriad designs and hues. Our heart instantly belonged to the sheer ones that we think will go beautifully with florals or solid colours to match our walls. At Dayal Handlooms, variety will never be an issue but a lot will depend on your mixing and matching skills. Also, they’ll alter lengths if your windows are smaller.

    At: Dayal Handlooms

    For: Starting at INR 300 per piece

    Big & Small Bamboo Plants

    We Found: Neeraj, the bamboo plant seller walking through the streets. He stocks up the good luck bearing bamboo plant sticks in medium and big options. If you’ve got some time to spare, get these home and sing to them.

    At: If you don’t bump into him, call Neeraj at 9599342258

    For: INR 450 for six pieces and INR 850 for 12 pieces {medium size} and INR 150 for one big bamboo stick

    Table Linen, Aprons & More

    Table Cloth Table Mat

    Lajpat Nagar - 2, Delhi

    We Found: A modest little shop rather innocently named “Table Cloth Table Mat” in Pushpa Market selling the cutest oven mitts, aprons and table runners. If you’ve got friends and family visiting often and a dining table whose flaws you’re always trying to hide, check this shop out for supplies.

    At: Table Cloth Table Mat {Rakesh Thakur and Hari Prasad}

    For: Runners start at INR 150 and table mats cost INR 300 for six

    Pinterest-y Birdcages, Dreamcatchers & More

    We Found: Cutesy bird cages, dreamcatchers in all sizes, traditional Rajasthani umbrellas and colourful bottle lamps that can make your room look like it’s straight out of Pinterest. At this basement shop, we also discovered a cool wire hanger for accessories that’s perfect for those with a slight OCD.

    At: Shri Om Anupama’s Collection {this place sells both jewellery and decor items}

    For: Dreamcatchers and small birdacges starting at INR 100, hanger for INR 400, Rajasthani umbrella for INR 300 and candle stand for INR 500


    Cups & Cutlery's Shop

    Lajpat Nagar - 2, Delhi

    We found: Simple glass tea-cups {like the ones in adverts}, huge beer mugs, shot glasses and more mugs at throwaway prices. If you’ve been wanting to revamp you kitchenware but couldn’t find affordable options, we suggest that you check out Shop 76 for dinner sets, bottles {even bulb-shaped bottles}, ceramic plates, glasses and all kinds of crockery.

    At: Gift Bazar, Shop 76

    For: Glass teacups starting at INR 60 and beer mugs for INR 150

    Jodhpuri Tables & Artsy Home Decor

    Super Art Gallery

    Lajpat Nagar - 2, Delhi

    We found: A store in Lajpat that looks nothing short of an art gallery because it stocks abstract paintings, rustic brass sculptures, vintage clocks and gorgeous Jodhpuri furniture with intricate detailing that we can’t stop thinking about. You can check out their collection online too, but their shop has a lot more to offer and definitely demands a visit.

    At: Super Art Gallery

    For: Jodhpuri tables starting at INR 2,900, jewellery boxes for INR 750 and vintage clocks for INR 1,200

    Rustic Framed Mirrors

    Dawar Art

    Lajpat Nagar - 2, Delhi

    We found: If you want to make your rooms look bigger and are going for the lovely rustic vibe, mirrors with stunning vintage-looking frames are what you need. This shop sells wooden framed mirror in different patterns, sizes and even colours, so be prepared if you can’t decide on which one to buy.

    At: Dawar Art

    For: Mirrors with frames starting at INR 600

    Cushion Covers

    Kapoor Handlooms

    Lajpat Nagar - 2, Delhi

    We found: Cushions are probably the one decor item that make houses look oh-so snug instantly. So when we found sets of five cushion covers in colourful block patterns, silk-like materials and ones with geometrical designs, we mentally re-decorated our drawing room and yes, it couldn’t look any cosier.

    At: Kapoor Handlooms

    For: INR 250, buy a set of 5 cushion covers

    Recommended by Rene Verma and Nitya Cyriac.