This Stellar Kamla Nagar Outlet Serves Laphing With Wai Wai!

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What Makes It Awesome

Like most DU students, I got introduced to Laphing during one of my trips to Majnu Ka Tila, which comes mandatory with admission into a North Campus college. Which is why I was pleasantly surprised when I came across this tiny joint, called Laphing Wala while I was out reporting in Kamla Nagar.

Started as a way of introducing people to the taste of authentic laphing and momo, Laphing Wala has already become a crowd favourite. The menu has both traditional and experimental options. They serve thukpa, soup, momo soup, laphing, and will keep adding more options. I was met with a long queue on the day I went, and the Chicken Wai Wai Laphing seemed to be in popular demand. I tried the vegetarian equivalent of the same, which I asked to be made only mildly spicy (proud member of the zero spice tolerance gang). I quite liked it actually, the Wai Wai added a nice crispy touch to it; and I would definitely go back for it again.

It’s pretty commendable, the fact that the owners do all the prep in their home kitchen every morning and lug it over to the outlet without letting it compromise the taste of their food (All this, while pursuing a Masters’ degree too!).

If you find yourself shopping in Kamla Nagar soon, stop by for a snack here. You won’t be disappointed (unless you hate waiting).

What Could Be Better

They only have one outlet as of now, but they plan on opening a second outlet. We hear it’ll be bigger too.

Pro Tip

Don't want to make the trip to Kamla Nagar? Don't worry, they deliver too!