Live It Up: 5 Luxuries That Won’t Bust Your Budget And Are Totally Within Your Reach!

    Abhijeet posted on 27 December


    Think about a luxurious experience, and think the sound of ka-ching breaking in the background, thereby breaking down your monthly budget too. But not all luxuries have to be expensive. Here’s a list of 5 things you can do which may sound costly, but really aren’t.  Read on to find out!

    Meal Worthy Of Royalty

    Have you been planning a meal-date with bae, but always end up going to the same place and ordering the same old food? Same pinch. Finding a new place, which is within your budget, looks awesome and serves great food is a troublesome-trifecta; and very hard to find. Hear us out though. How about enjoying a 4-course meal at a 5-star property with world cuisine on platter, hospitable charm for good impression and a budget-friendly bill at the end?

    Vacay Like You Mean It!

    Vacations are expensive, especially if you are looking at a good place to stay. And even though the travelers care less about the monies spent, and more about the experience, it comes at not-so-nominal price. So, the idea that a 4-star property can be in-budget is wishful thinking, right? Wrong. Check out this awesome place called Alankrit Resort & Spa, which is everything a dream vacation should consist of… without having to spend a bomb.

    Yatcht A Good Deal

    There’s something about the sea that makes us feel all happy inside. Imagine taking your partner on a yacht, with a delicious picnic basket to munch on, a glass of cold beer to match your chill mood and a beautiful sunset to finish off the evening. Private sailing sounds like an expensive affair, but don’t be too quick to judge, for this and more such experiences are actually within your reach.

    Premiere Class Flight

    Getting stuck between the window and the aisle seat with no other recourse than to simply adjust? Not anymore! How about we tell you that you can actually fly premiere class at the cost of the economy class? If you are already yay-ing at the idea, keep reading.

    Fly Like A MVP

    Or should we say, rest like one? Imagine being able to put down your luggage in the comfort of a business class lounge, and that, too, without spending a single rupee? And not just when you are flying in the country, but around the world? Again, if this is too good to be true, you are not alone, we feel ya!

    At this point, if you are running out of patience a little, we understand; so we’ll reveal our secret! If you think only money can buy these things, think again; there’s another kind of currency which can be used to access all these experiences: JPMiles. It’s simple! Sign-up for a JetPrivilege membership, and earn JPMiles on super-cool activities and daily transactions. Whether you are shopping on Flipkart or Amazon, buying swanky new furniture on the Urban ladder, reserving a table, booking a unique experience or simply writing a review on TripAdvisor, JPMiles are collected in your JetPrivilege membership account every single time. These JPMiles can then be used to get free flight tickets, an upgrade from economy class ticket to premiere class or can be used for exploring multiple products at the JetPrivilege Reward Store.

    If this sounds awesome, then start collecting JPMiles to get closer to your free flight. If not a member yet, then enrol now. It’s absolutely free {and doesn’t take a lot of time, either}. By the way: You’re welcome.


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