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Malabari Foodie Diaries: Experience The Taste of Traditional Kerala Food At Authenticook

Nikhil posted on 27 August

What Is It?

This authentic five course Kerala meal is a feast in the real sense. Hosted by Kavitha and Prashanth, this is the best place to have some traditional Kerala food over very interesting and fun conversations. Starting with a sweet and salted lemonade, followed by the crowd pleasers, chicken cutlet, and fish fry. With chicken stew, Malabar fish curry and mutton pepper roast accompanied by appam, rice, and raita in the main course. And ending the meal with Palada payasam and the famous Sulaimani makes this an experience to remember.

Why Should I Go?

Kindly note that there is no elevator and the home is on the second floor; luckily the climb up will be a good appetite booster and the descent after completion of this delightful meal will be the perfect exercise.

Anything Else?

Three more upcoming meals have been scheduled with Kavitha and Prashanth in September i.e. on 3rd, 10th and 17th {Sundays} over lunch. To book your seat for September 3, visit here - { }. For Sptember 10, visit here - {}. For September 17, visit here - {}. Elsewhere, to request for this meal on a date of your choice, please visit here - {}.

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