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#MeetTheMaker: All You Need To Know About Artist Mehek Malhotra

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At LBB, we love all things awesome, creative, and handmade. We have always encouraged emerging brands and entrepreneurs who are #Selfmade! For our upcoming edition of #Selfmade, titled Handmade with Passion, we are planning to put the spotlight on artists creating and celebrating art in all its forms. 

Meet artist Mehek Malhotra, who is the founder & CEO of Mumbai based Giggling Monkey Studio. She is a designer and visual artist, who's work makes you laugh and think at the same time, with pop colours and heavy visuals fuelled by words.

She was awarded the '25 Under 25' by Campus Diaries, VH1 and Tata Nano and continues to speak about design and visual arts at various colleges across India.

Want to know more? Keep reading for a fun Q&A we had with her!

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Q. In the whole process of creation, which part do you enjoy doing the most?
A. I love to see faces light up when they get the joke, or when they know what we are talking about. To be understood through your work is the most beautiful feeling, it’s like having a conversation with a stranger, but through emotions not words.

Q. What's your favourite artwork from your collection?
A. I personally love this matchbox I made that says “row row row your boat gently down mainstream”. That seems to be a way of life now and to understand and acknowledge that you are more than what you agree with and that having your own opinion is powerful, is so important.

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Q. What's the best piece of advice you've been given and what's a piece of advice you'd want to give to young artists?
A. The best advice I’ve gotten is to show up for myself, even if no one comes to cheer you on for anything in life, you must support and cheer yourself on!

My advice to younger artists would be, to not be afraid of asking questions and doing new things. Only when you push your comfort zone a little by little, your world will expand. No matter what, believe in yourself and what you can do!

Q. What superpower would you like to have?
A. I wish I could clone myself! There's so many things I want to do and and so many places I want to be! Or even if I could pause and control the flow of time, it would be great!

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Q. What is your definition of 'Selfmade'?
A. You know when you build a house, not from it’s foundation but by saving up and putting small paintings you’ve collected over the years of being a person, that is what it feels like to be a self made person!  Building a home and building yourself are so similar, both need to be done with love, patience and courage. It's like growing a garden, and building your skillset, slowly, you will bloom.

Q. What do you strive for?
Most people who I ask this same question to, say that they strive for perfection. I always wonder why! Because you’d never get perfect at anything till you fall and break and pick yourself up and try again. So I think I strive for patience, so that I can fail and learn and grow.

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