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#MeetTheMaker: All You Need To Know About Artist Ashwini Hiremath

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At LBB, we love all things awesome, creative, and handmade. We have always encouraged emerging brands and entrepreneurs who are #Selfmade! For our upcoming edition of #Selfmade, titled Handmade with Passion, we are planning to put the spotlight on artists creating and celebrating art in all its forms. 

Meet Ashwini Hiremath, who is a multidisciplinary, female-centric artist. Her stories circle around self experiences as a woman in society through music and art. She is a believer of a sustainable lifestyle and has self-published a book called ‘Earth’ that is all about sustainability. Her debut song ‘Krantinaari’ has been performed at several places with Base Foundation Roots, 10,000 Lions as well as in the form of a special appearance with Sarathy Korwar!

Want to know more? Keep reading for a fun Q&A we had with her!

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Women Solid Grey Warm High Neck Dress


Q. What do you like to create the most?

A. Being a multi-disciplinary artist, everything that comes in my way is something new that I experiment with. I take it as a challenge, that every medium has its own essence to it. If I had to choose a medium, I would choose illustrations which I really, really love to explore and sometimes even children's illustrations. I do a lot of music, gig posters, band album art and overall I really enjoy working with the music industry.

Q. What's integral to an artist?

A. I would say the ethics that an artist works with, because when you have your ethics sorted, its easier to deal with the challenges that are going to come your way. For example, if I know what I want to work with and what I don't want to work with, I am in an easier space to explore the mud, that I want to put my hands in.

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Women Solid Black Long Kurta With Ajrakh Printed Contrast Long Jacket


Q. In the whole process of creation, which part do you enjoy doing the most?

A. I enjoy a lot of analysis, questioning things, critiquing myself and trying to find the solution. If it's a huge scale I'm dealing with, then execution is something I really love to do. If I have to do a mural or installation of  say 9 - 12 feet, then I really enjoy the execution but the process of analysing, researching and trying to find solutions is something I totally vibe with. 

Q. What's your favourite artwork from your collection?

A. Difficult question! I like 'Tech Rani' the most because it's something I deeply resonate with. There are a lot of album arts that I've done which I really love from my collection. I have also self-published a book called 'The Earth', that is entirely about sustainability, which is something very close to my heart. 

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Women Green Polka Dotted Jumpsuit image-madeinindia MADE IN INDIA


Q. What's the best piece of advice you've been given and what's a piece of advice you'd want to give to young artists?

A. I have always been given the advice to be original, and hunt deep down inside me to find what I really love to do and express it. Also, I've never really been afraid to create anything. So, my advice to young artists would be to create without fear. Everything that you put your heart into, will be original. So you can look up to idols and love their work, but try to find your own art and your own way of telling your story. I've always been that kind of a person where my seniors/colleagues tell me that you have your own journey, so why not depict that. So that's the advice I got, and I would say the same to young artists just starting out.

Q. What superpower would you like to have?

A. I would like to be an invisible character who could graffiti all over the world and travel across borders very easily without needing a passport and visa. In a nutshell, I would like to have the superpower of going wherever and do whatever with art. 

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Q. What is your definition of 'Selfmade'? 
A. So for me, 'Selfmade' is someone who has been on the ground & on the field, doing their art and nothing can bother them. Selfmade people are so focused on doing something that they want to, that distractions/hate or anything of that sort doesn't affect them. They don't worry or get scared of the world, they just bold it out there.

Krantinaari is one of those people. She's not afraid of what people have to say or how much hate or demotivation people want to give, but she's all about being focused on the right agenda that she has to execute. I want to make a change for the people who are suffering in this world, I'm a very public-sector driven artist & very hands down with my audience/target. That is my definition of 'Selfmade'. 

Q. What do you strive for?
A. I strive for a better world, for the people who are facing injustice. That's my main target as 'Krantinaari' & as an artist. Using  illustrations, I want to enhance the Indian aesthetics and add my own touch to it. I just want people to feel happy and de-stressed when they see my artwork. I want them to feel light and happy; and if it's an album art, I want to express as much as possible. So essentially, I want to strive for happiness and peace. I think that's what we have to do with life today because there's so much happening around in the world that's stressing us out, making us feel inferior and not allowing ourselves to be free. I want  my art to be a source of freedom for people. 

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