You've Gotta Try The Chocolate Bark with Coffee And Hazelnuts From This Hidden Gem

What Makes It Awesome

If you love dark, artisanal chocolate as much as I do, this one's for you. Cocoa Bark Series, started by Gitana Singh, has become my go-to for barks/slabs of flavoured dark chocolate. A home-based dessert maker, Gitana offers 3 bases - milk, white and dark chocolate - and a variety of toppings and flavours to choose from. You can ask her for suggestions, or go a little crazy and pick your own assortment of flavours. My favourites are the coffee and sea salt dark chocolate bark, a roasted almond and sea salt dark chocolate bark, and the Milk Chocolate Bark with Peanut Butter Swirls and Crushed Oreos.

What's My Pro Tip?

She can get small-batch orders done in a day or two, so keep that in mind while ordering. I've picked up my order from her house once {she stays close to Claridges} and she's delivered my order to my house as well {Pusa Road}. So just double check on delivery before you order. She's also super accommodating, so in case there's something you want her to experiment with, let her know! She recently tempted me with a batch of white chocolate with dried roses.

Anything Else?

Call or WhatsApp her for orders. Even better? Check out the limited edition LBB Special with Cocoa Bark Series.