No More Chips During Snack Time! Update Your Snacking With Crunchy Munchies From Chakhna Shot!

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Chakhna Shot

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What Makes It Awesome?

We’re all guilty of mindlessly snacking during our 5 pm hunger pangs! Chips, chaat, momos, you name it and we’ve OD-ed on it. We know our health isn’t going to thank us, but who doesn’t love instant gratification! What if we say you now have the option to snack the healthy and yummy way? Introducing Chakhna Shot, the new brand in town that specialises in dry roasted nuts, a healthier alternative to deep fried snacks. (yes we’re looking at you chips!) 

Chakhna Shot was started by four friends who wanted to change the game of the ‘chakhna’ scene. When we think of chakhna, we think of masala peanuts with chillies, onions, and tomatoes that most places serve with drinks. Unhappy with that prospect, the gang decided to take matters into their own hands. They went with the traditional PCM Chakhna combo (Peanuts, Cashews and Makhana mix) and blended it with modern flavours to craft a combination that you will love.

Chakhna Shot is the best at what they do not only because of the varied products they offer but also because they pay special attention to a couple of factors such as an Active R&D, Noble Sourcing, Stiff Quality Control, Sensible Customer Care and so much more! 

We are extremely happy and satisfied that the above mentioned factors are being followed, given the current scenario. However, their unique flavours are what makes Chakhna Shot stand out! Here is a list of delectables that is sure to make your next party a HIT! 

Peanuts: Flavours like Peri Peri, Jalapeño Twist, Minty Mania, Smoked Tandoori & Achari Masti 

Roasted Cashews: Imli Flavours, Peri Peri, Himalayan Pink Salt 

Roasted Almonds: Himalayan Pink Salt 

Foxnuts (Makhanas): Turmeric Flavour, Salted, Peri Peri, Cheese & Herbs, Mint Flavour. 

We don’t know about you but our mouths are watering and we are already adding a few packets to our online cart!

Pro Tip:

Say bye bye to chips and those attractive unhealthy snacks and your body will thank you!