Keep It Unique: 8 Gifts For Every Kind Of BFF


    Whether it's calling them up at 3 am to talk about our (lousy, almost non-existent) love life or celebrating just about anything with them, BFFs are Godsent and there are no two ways about them. This is why it's always good to gift a little something to your bestie every now and then. I mean, what's more precious than seeing a smile on their faces anyway? Besides, you don't need a reason to surprise her. We've curated a unique set of things that you can gift your soul sisters. So look no further, and read on. 

    For The Fashionista: Wooden Clutch

    Pink Rose Printed Wooden Clutch

    Pink Rose Printed Wooden Clutch


    These kinds of BFFs already have a closet full of bags. So, what's different about this one? It's made of wood. Artklim is all about artsy prints and quirky patterned clutches. And this Rose Printed Clutch has a fine wooden frame bordering an elegant piece of floral fabric. It surely does make a great gift because every time they use it (which will be quite often), they'll remember you.

    Price: INR 2,099

    But if your friend is obsessed with stylish cross-body bags instead, head here

    For The Stationery Lover: Hand-Illustrated Notebooks

    Hand Illustrated Fearless, Doodles, Mandala & Idea A5 Notebook Set of 4

    Hand Illustrated Fearless, Doodles, Mandala & Idea A5 Notebook Set of 4


    Want to gift something memorable to your friend? Chaos Doodles has handcrafted serving trays, coasters, bookmarks, illustrated notebooks and more for you. This set of four, hand-illustrated notebooks is damn good. AND it's supposed to be therapeutic also, offers a perfect sense of calmness. It's got a Mandala, light bulb, lion and what looks like the figurine of a dachshund. Their super-cool visual representations start at INR 399 onward. We'd recommend you to give her one of the doodled serving trays too. 

    Price: INR 1,199

    For The Pop Culture Enthusiast: Graphic-Printed Tee

    "Mona Pop" Graphic Crew Neck T-Shirt

    "Mona Pop" Graphic Crew Neck T-Shirt


    When you know your best friend loves pop culture, don't look beyond Origin. This online brand gets us weak in the knees with its rather hilarious graphic-printed tees. A representation of pop culture and life, their printed tees and hoodies are enough to quirk up your friend's abode. Get her this "Mona Pop" tee and we're sure her happiness will know no bounds. 

    Price: INR 944

    For The Planner: Old School Journal

    Ball Point Pen And Premium A5 Hardbound Notebook

    Ball Point Pen And Premium A5 Hardbound Notebook


    Gifting a plain ol' pen and journal to your writer friend never goes out of fashion, trust us when we say this. What matters is buying it from the right place. And Pennline is that place for you. This gift set consists of a Carina Ball Point Pen and a hardbound notebook. Available in six colours, this elegant notebook makes for a thoughtful gift. Get your friend one of these and she'll love you for life, we assure you.

    Price: INR 2,270

    For The Zen Friend: Natural Scented Candle

    Maroc Scented Candle

    Maroc Scented Candle


    Scented candles are great for gifting if your friend is obsessed with them. And Mineral Project is a paradise when it comes to these. Their repertoire includes some of the most heavenly smelling candles we’ve ever had the olfactory pleasure of experiencing. Get this jar of their Maroc Scented Candle which has a vegan wooden wick and hand-poured soy wax.

    Price: INR 920

    For The Clean Beauty Lover: Vegan Skincare

    Suds & Scrubs Combo Pack - Cleo Soap & Aloe Vera & Cucumber Face Scrub For All Skins

    Suds & Scrubs Combo Pack - Cleo Soap & Aloe Vera & Cucumber Face Scrub For All Skins


    A relaxing bath is always a good idea. And vegan, cruelty-free skincare made from natural ingredients can make your friend's week, really. Let her have a  rejuvenating experience with Saltpetre's Suds & Scrubs combo pack. It's got Aloe Vera And Cucumber Face Scrub that's got a whole bunch of pure essentials oils and a Cleo Soap which is made with plant-based ingredients. You can also shop for this brand's eye balms, lip balms and tints. 

    Price: INR 1,050

    For The Bawse Lady: Bold Lip Colours

    Hear My Voice Liquid Matte Lipsticks

    Hear My Voice Liquid Matte Lipsticks


    You don't have to be big on make-up to like lipsticks. Even if your gal pal doesn't like to put layers of make-up, she'll always value a good lip colour. Or perhaps three? This set of 3, "Hear My Voice" liquid matte lipsticks by tinge are paraben and sulfate-free. The shades are both bold and distinct. Makes for a great gift, don't you think?

    Price: INR 1,250

    Also check out these awesome homegrown, vegan beauty brands that are too good to miss out on. 

    For The Plant Parent: Concrete Planter

    Levels - "Sitting" Planter

    Levels - "Sitting" Planter


    Gifting plants is quite honestly the best present one can ever receive. Yes, we're talking from experience. This really strange-looking but uber-cool Sitting Planter from Leafy Geometry has pop colours painted all over the concrete. It's got a really interesting design if you favour abstract and contemporary designs. Ideal for succulents and other indoor plants, these would definitely enhance a space. 

    Price: INR 2,720


    Now that you've taken care of your BFF, how about we get something for that fussy friend too? Here's everything you need for it. And if your bud is a huge Bollywood fanatic (we all have one in the gang), shop for these gifts online and make their day(s).