Ditch Those Chemicals: Buy All Things Organic At These 13 Stores

If you’re worried about the chemicals you consume on a daily basis and are on the hunt for nice organic stores in Delhi, here’s a list of some of the good ones. 

PS: In case you're pressed for time, check out our list of online organic stores that'll deliver stuff home.

Roots Organic Lifestyle Store

Recommended For: Organic brands such as Conscious Foods, C Green, Down to Earth and Neev, to name a few. We recommend their range of superfoods such as chia seeds, liquid amninos, Japanese kombu and cold pressed oils.

Kaberi’s Nest

Recommended For: Kid’s candies, skincare, and ample food, snack and condiment options. It’s a multi-product store with amazing variety. Try their organic upma, Wasabi poha and green coffee too. 

Nature’s SouI

Recommended For: They have some of our favourite organic and independent brands, including Sleepy Owl coffee, Earth Loaf chocolates, Nourish Organic snacks, Butternut Co peanut butter, and Cambay Tiger's meats/poultry/seafood and more. 

Food Stores

Nature's Soul

16, Ground Floor, Defence Colony, New Delhi


The Altitude Store

Recommended For: Their range of bakery goods which includes treats like Red Rice Pumpkin Seed Cookies, Foxtail Millets Honey Cardamom Cookies and white bread rolls. They also offer organic preserves, dairy products and meat & poultry items. 

Live Organic

Recommended For: Beetroot pasta, So-lite Tofu, Almond butter, fresh vow milk butter - these are some of the products we can’t wait to get our hands on. They’ve got a good range of groceries, bread and dairy, snacks, seeds, nuts, meat and gluten-free items. 

Swadeshi Organic

Recommended For: Apart from grocery and personal care, they’re a great option to check out for baby care and ayurvedic nutrition tablets, herbs and juices. 


Recommended For: Lentils, flour, ragi, makki, whole wheat and oils. They stock pickles and other products on a seasonal basis. We recommend natural gur and amaranth breakfast cereal. 

Jaivik Haat

Recommended For: Fair trade and free range daily groceries, tea and coffee, cosmetics and detergents. We recommend this store's echinacea herbal infusion tea, wildflower honey and stevia powder.

NBLC Organic Health Store

Recommended For: Products for diabetics, weight loss, and detoxification, as well as hair and skin products. You can even try their dandelion roots, goji berries, herbs, essential oils, gluten-free products and more.

Earth Organic

 Recommended For: Organic fruits and vegetables, groceries, dairy and other organic snacking products. Their store is in GK but you can even order if you’re living in South Delhi. 


Recommended For: Farm fresh, naturally-produced cow milk in highly sterilised glass bottles. The milk is free from antibiotics or pesticides and has a rich, creamy taste. You can also order their Vedic Desi Cow Ghee, cold-pressed oils and Himalayan Honey.

Delhi Organic Farmers’ Market

Recommended For: Organically-produced fruits and veggies sold by the farmers directly to customers.