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15 Thrilling Rides, A Bar & A Spa: Head To Oysters Beach Water Park On The Weekend


    Summers always mean the beach for us, and since we live way too inland to experience any basking, getting drenched, or swimming, the only option is Gurgaon’s water park Oysters Beach that seems to have no drawbacks. At all.

    Tan On Ten

    Recently opened, Oysters offers no less than 15 different rides to keep everyone {from kids to senior citizens} occupied, from adrenaline pumping waterslides, an artificial sea wave pool and a Lazy & Crazy River.

    But we’re happy to report that they’re killing it in the food department as well, with a punny food-station serving south Indian, Italian, north Indian and oriental {Southern Bay, Tidal Tadka, Aroma Coast and Langkawi Bay} cuisine.

    There’s also a Low Tide Restaurant that serves up an exceptional Indian buffet and a High Tide Bar.

    Spa-cial Treatment

    Completing the Goa experience, tired mothers will find bliss in the fact that can spend quality time in the spa {in partnership with VLCC}. And dads would prefer “glamping” as they say.

    The cabana experience is pretty ultimate; we tried out the back massage and there is nothing more stress-busting than someone working out your knots, in a spot overlooking the whole water park.

    Twisting And Turning

    With slides that twist and turn like snakes coming down from a great height, its a bit of a bummer that you have to climb eight sets of stairs every time you want to take the plunge. We loved the Typhoon and Thunderstorm though, as well as taking the long winding tube tour within the park. And if you have the guts, they also have the Skyfall.

    This water park could be your ticket to fun with the whole family in the summer {provided you take your sunscreen along}. We recommend you also take your swimsuits, though they have an economical shop inside.

    They will also provide you with lockers, but don’t carry too many things to avoid them getting lost.

    Price: INR 1,200 onwards and INR 1,600 for packages, for kids below 4ft and for senior citizens, INR 600

    Check out their website here.