Red Is Over: Here Are 10 Shades Of Pink Lipstick To Try This Summer

Summer is the one time of year red lipstick is not the answer. If you’re looking for a colour to define the season, go pink – there’s a lot more range in here than you might think. Whether your style is on the subtler side, or you like your mouth loud, we’ve got you sorted.

Cherry Blossom Pink

There is a pretty vibe to this soft, middling pink that works well with feminine silhouettes and styles. It’s delicate, without being a quintessential ‘girlie’ pink.

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Bubblegum Pink

This pink may seem light and friendly, but it can often border on neon and daring. Works best with skin tones with cooler undertones, because there’s an icy vibe about it.

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Fuchsia Pink

This one’s a classic, but it tends to be something most people shy away from. This summer, don’t. If you’re worried about this big burst of colour being overpowering, pair it with some fresh, summer whites from your wardrobe.

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Cotton Candy Pink

This colour is as girlie as they come – but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. It adds a delicate little flourish of colour without taking over your face, and is likely to work with both warm and cool undertones.

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Blush Pink

If you’re not into pink, this is your ideal pink. Borderline nude lipstick with some colour in its cheeks, blush pink is perfect for when you want your mouth to blend, but not disappear.

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Rose Pink

This one maintains the subtle-sexy of it’s blush-tinted predecessor, but packs a little more punch. There’s something about this colour that almost has a reflect effect and enhances the pink undertone to your skin as well.

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Brink Pink

Flirting with the lines of plum, this shade will bode well for summer nights. While perhaps a bit over the top for a hot workday, it’ll fit seamlessly with a dark dress and dim lighting.

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Dusky Pink

If you tend to gravitate more toward sombre colours, this shade is your pink holy grail. A cross between a dark nude and cherry-blossom pink – its almost as if this colour was made for work days.

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Coral Pink

In a constant tussle between peach and pink trying to claim it as one of their own, there’s no doubt that coral is femininity in the flesh. You’ll love the soft hue for its summery vibe and easy ability to work with multiple outfits.

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Barbie Pink

We figured we’d go out with a bang – and a disclaimer: This shade is not for the uninitiated. If you’re a bold lipstick vet, go nuts. If not, ease your way in by starting with a rose, working your way up to a brink, and then closing out with this Mattel-doll hue.

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