When In Shimla, Stop At Café Under Tree For Pahadi Chai


    Known as Shimla’s highest restaurant, Café Under Tree is a majestic joint that sits proudly at 8,000 ft. and offers some stunning views of the erstwhile summer capital of British India.

    Tea-totallers Unite

    The menu isn’t terribly diverse but it is quite intriguing. We went with the chef’s recommendation of Basil and Thyme Masala Dosa and the delectable Beetroot Halwa – we were completely floored! Sip on their Pahadi Chai or Pateela Coffee to keep warm, but if you’re counting calories, try the Tree Mint Breeze. It is a mint-based drink with a hint of lemon and lots of crushed ice which is vaguely reminiscent of a mojito. What is even more awesome is that they grow their own mint in the backyard.

    Views Served Up On Nature’s Platter

    Views for days – this vegan cafe is the perfect spot to take some Instagram-worthy pictures. The staff is very warm and courteous, so you can expect to have a friendly chat with the owners about the place and the fare. It’s a fabulous coffee shop to unwind at during your trip, especially if you’re on your way back from the Jakhu Hanuman temple {a visit to which is also highly-recommended}.

    The décor is remarkable and the café is built entirely from herculean deodar wood, including even the light fixtures.

    The place serves as a pit-stop for seasoned travellers and long-weekend-high-rollers alike. If you can stick around post sunset, you won’t be disappointed with how the place lights up and the way it opens up to the town below. It’s winning for a wonderful ambience, coupled with a pocket-friendly menu.

    #LBBTip: The easiest way to spot the café is to keep an eye out for the gigantic Hanuman statue {which can be seen a long way from the city itself}. The cafe is 30 minutes away from the temple if you decide to hike, which you should because the walk is totally worth it!