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Dog Toys To Shampoos: We Found Pawesome At Poochmate's E-Store!

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What Makes It Awesome

Our life mantra is simple - work hard now so your dog can have the backyard they deserve. But we're pawsitively obsessed with our furry friends (and puns, you'll see) so we didn't want to stop at backyards. Honestly, we just wanted to make sure our dogs (and cats!) have the best of everything, whether it's a toy or a bed or even grooming products. Enter Poochmate. Founded by Preeti Sood, her mission was simple; to make high quality products that benefit dogs available to all through their online store. 

During lockdown, a lot of us have taken over the responsibility of grooming our dogs full time so we picked up the Capt Zack Tick'et To Fleadom Shampoo (apparently we're not the only ones who love puns.) It's a waterless shampoo and has a lemongrass scent which smells super fresh. Our dog hates bath time but this shampoo was pretty gentle and calming so we got through the process completely incident-free. We also got a Nootie Sweet Pea & Vanilla Spray to use in between baths to not just help our pup smell fresh but it also conditions their skin and coat. When we make our next order, we'll probably also get the Ear and Eye Wipes for easy cleaning.

Our dog goes through one toy a month so we knew we had to get the cutest stuffed toy she'd love to destroy, uhhh, we meant play with. We got the most adorable stuffed octopus that our dog instantly started playing with. They also have rubber and rope toys but our little baby likes to play with stuffed ones (better chewing grip, you see) and the rubber ones are even bacon scented! We recommend the handmade toys, though, because they're completely plastic-free and made by women in need and if you have human babies, too, even they can play with these toys. 

It's too hot for us to be buying t-shirts or sweaters but we still went through the entire catalog to make our future wishlist. We did get a new leash for our dog, though, to make her daily walks more chic (our dog deserves to walk at New York Fashion Week, you can't change our mind.) The harness is padded so it's comfortable for dogs when they're pulling you to sniff 20 different things during a 5-minute walk. They also have a separate section for humans where we saw the cutest mug that said "Dog Mom" and we HAD to get it since we're proud parents!

PS - Earn some major points in your doggie's eyes and get them a treat, too! Our dog loved the Doggie Dabbas Chicken Jerky and not to brag but we got in some major cuddles after that. 

Price: INR 270 onwards

What Could Be Better

They're mostly focused on dog products but they also have a slightly smaller category for cats with grooming products, treats, beds and toys that you can check out right meow (we had to, sorry) if you have a kitty.


For dog parents in Delhi, they're taking limited appointments for grooming so call them up if home grooming your dog hasn't been super easy for you (we feel you, shih tzu parents). We also love the home grooming series on their Instagram page (@poochmate_india) where they show you how to bathe, brush your dog and more at home!