Quinoa Puffs Or Trail Mixes: This Brand Has Healthy Snacks Starting At INR 60

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What Makes It Awesome

Are you looking to adopt healthy snacking options? We know you aren't really tired of bhujia, mathri, and potato chips but it's just that the working from home situation has activated the 'always hungry' button. Nevertheless, we have something for you. Poshtick is this online brand that will help you achieve your goals to adopt healthy snacks. Offering multigrain namkeen, quinoa puffs, fruitolicious trail mix, and so much more - we are sure you would want to invest in this brand.

Poshtick has a wide variety of snacks that you could choose from. If you ask us our favourite, then that would surely be pumpkin seeds and their fruitolicious trail mix that we are going to add to our yum overnight oats breakfast. Oh, quinoa puffs with our evening chai session? Why not?

The best thing about the brand is that it's pocket-friendly, too (yay!)

Price: quinoa puffs at INR 60, roasted sunflower seeds at INR 260, and pumpkin seeds at INR 385.