5 Quick Fixes for Disguising Wall Cracks and Colour Inconsistencies

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Wall crack and wall colour inconsistencies are common to have in your home especially if you’ve lived there for over a few years. Cracks and colour inconsistencies aren’t the worst (though inconvenient) problems to have - because you can fix them in a dozen ways and ace your home decor game while at it! All you need to do is use fillers and paint to fill them at the right time before they reveal themselves more. Yet, with the daily hustle, it can get difficult to manage that, so here's presenting some tried and tested quick fixes that will save your walls in minutes! 

Fix with Fabulous Frames and Wallplates

Looking for a super quick fix to hide those cracks and paint inconsistencies on your wall? We recommend hanging some quirky frames for covering them up. You can choose from a range of minimal, modern or vintage frames. Frames will not only hide bad portions on your wall but also add a touch of art to your walls. You can also install wall plates if you prefer them over art frames for your walls. Wall plates look equally enchanting and will help you to make your wall look flawless and fabulous. 

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Make things Wonderful with Wallpaper

Unlike popular misconceptions, wallpapers are really trendy and functional. Wallpapers meticulously cover all the imperfections of walls and leave an impeccable impression. From Sabyasachi to GoodEarth, and even Jaypore, you can check a range of wallpaper collections for your home and make it look basically new when done. If you wish to create a specific mood with them then you can pick up geometric, floral or abstract wallpapers for your space as well - you do you!

Cover Up with Tapestry and Macrame

Tapestry tastefully transforms the vibe of your home. You got all the right reasons to bring them home when you wish to cover up your walls. Macrame is an equally beautiful hack to enhance the beauty of your walls. Pick macrame wall hangings to cover up wall paint mesh ups. If you incline more towards tapestry then select the one that elevates your space and hides all the imperfections of your walls.

LBB Tip: You’ll be able to pick up pocket-friendly yet pretty full wall tapestries at the next hippie town you visit (think Pondi, Goa and the like). 

Deck up with Wall Decals

Wall decals will instantly solve all your wall woes. You can choose quirky decals that meet your standards and put them up in one go. Many decals are shaped to cover up specific spots on your walls and there are also ones that cover up the entire wall. So, choose the one that best meets your spatial requirements and hide all those wall secrets in no time!

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Decorate with Dreamcatchers

Dreamcatchers not only grant a dreamy vibe to your walls but also perfectly hide colour inconsistencies. They are ideal for covering up your bedroom walls. But, if you have got a Boho home overall then dreamcatchers could be hung on any walls which need texture or a pop of colour. Even from the point of view of maintenance, dreamcatchers prove to be great - you can clean them on the go and no extra fuss needed! Here's a whole range of dreamcatchers that you can shop on LBB.

When Quick Fixes Won't Work

Decor elements like dreamcatchers, macrame, wallpapers, decals and more will do their thing and save your wall aesthetics. However, sometimes, the damage is real in terms of wider cracks or major colour inconsistencies. You could try using fillers and paint those portions on an immediate basis. If you feel that the cracks are still growing then it is time to get some professional help and get it fixed for good. 

Professionals feel that cracks can naturally happen as over time, your home is exposed to different levels of heat, humidity. Even when you shift to new homes, owing to their moisture retention, you would see a few thin cracks emerge here and there. Water leaks are also one of the major reasons behind wall paint inconsistencies and crack formation. If nothing else then badly done wall paint jobs also end up damaging the surface of your walls.