It's All in the Invite: Personalised and Fun Wedding Cards

Invitation cards are always stressful. Ditch the florals, done-to-death motifs and mantras, and make it a personal declaration of what really makes a marriage special: The both of you. LBB proudly presents five designers and studios that will deliver. If your wedding invites are already signed, sealed, delivered, worry not, there’s always wedding stationery, welcome notes, and thank you cards!

Pink Whistle Man

Started out having designed just her own wedding card, the rest is well, this story. After many requests from friends for similar invites, Pink Whistle Man was born, catering to wedding parties looking to do something unconventional. They also undertake product packaging orders, so you know who can take care of your sagan hampers along with your card.

To view their full portfolio, samples of their work, and to place an order, follow them on Facebook here.


Founded over eight years ago, Beyondesign is essentially a graphic design studio, specialising in all forms of visual communication including branding, print, space and web design, packaging, and publication layouts. On special request, they’ll do your wedding invite. They’ve worked with stark, elegant, and especially hand-painted themes for brides from all over the world. As an added incentive, they can also do your wedding stationery and giveaways.

To view their full portfolio and samples of their work, and to place an order, click here. 

The Invite Shop by Design Dimensions

Design Dimensions strives to not just create an invite, but tell your story through their artsy cards. Think exquisitely-embosses foiled cards or luxurious silk scrolls, crisp envelopes and lots of gold. Choose from their signatures such as the Madhubani style where your card is like a miniature painting, each insert with a gold border, much like a frame or the Sheesh Mahal style where tinted foil is used to create a mirror-like look.

To view her full portfolio and samples of their work, and to place an order, click here.

Kimya Gandhi

An artist from Mumbai, Kimya Gandhi has a special interest in type design. When she isn’t exploring designing or researching Indian script typefaces, she’s photographing, illustrating, or designing publications and stunning wedding cards like the ones you see here. Special shout out to the innovative grey brocade zipper pouch that holds the invite.

To view her full portfolio and samples of her work, and to place an order, click here. 

Kalayug Art and Design Studio

Kalayug will take care of any and every design need. As for what they offer – logos, corporate identities, info-graphics, info-graphic animations, websites, brochures, calendars, diaries, coffee table books, posters, and flyers make the list, and they’ll go out of their way for if you have a specific design requirement. Think wedding websites detailing ceremonies, traditions, and events with illustrations!

To view their full portfolio and samples of their work, and to get in touch, click here.

Sagar Shah

An interior designer by profession, he also works in graphics and visual communication, so if you’re looking for your house and card to be designed, he’s your man. In true creative spirit, he enjoys doing any project that gives him a chance to design, which works just fine for us. Apart from interiors, he also extends his skills to branding, logo design, stationery, posters, graphics, web design, wedding sets, and any other custom made products.

To view his full portfolio and samples of his work, follow him on Facebook here.

The Wedding Studio by Ohsoboho

For full customisation, consider The Wedding Studio. Ohsoboho initially started as a graphic design company and soon branched into the wedding market. Expect creative and chic designs and A-Z solutions regarding wedding design theme, colours, paper as well as production and printing.

To view their portfolio, visit their website here  or follow their Facebook page here.

Thumbspark Creative

They have a whole gallery of pre-fixed wedding invites to choose from {special shout out to the comic book-themed wedding cards and the newspaper invites – there’s Times of Love and Love Today}. However if you have something else in mind, Debabrata Dey is happy to design something special for you.

To view his full portfolio and samples of his work, visit his website here  or follow his Facebook page here.