Shopping In Jaipur? This 5-Level Store Has Fabric, Silk Paintings, Jewellery & Much More


    RACCI {Rajasthan Arts and Crafts Cottage Industries} is a good one-stop-shop for a Jaipur newbie if you want to pick up local crafts with quality that well outlasts its roadside equivalents. 

    Crafts, Crafts Everywhere!

    We stumbled upon RACCI {Rajasthan Arts and Crafts Cottage Industries} in Govind Nagar on our way back to the Jaipur airport recently. As we expressed interested in the large, rust-orange building, the cab driver taking us vouched for the place vehemently, saying it was “quality stuff”, and, with some time to spare before our flight. we decided to make a quick pit stop for last-minute gifts.

    We’d expected a large, floor-sized spread of mixed handicrafts, but as we stepped into the elevator {yes, indeed}, we realised it was four floors and a basement, broken down by category. We started from the bottom {and now we’re here}.

    In the dimly lit basement, a wonderful old man will take you through a number of cloth paintings – from less expensive cotton ones of varicoloured elephants, to decadent silk ones of Rajasthani warriors. You can get them both framed and without a frame, and the prices start at INR 300. On this floor, you’ll also find cool, metal cat statuettes and other great decorative stuff for your coffee table.

    On the ground floor, a mix of accessories and wooden statuettes will greet you; a good floor for gifting. Here, you’ll find a bevy of bangles in an onslaught of textures {cloth, glass, wood – the works}, and adorable, wooden local stereotypes {read; mustachioed men in the bright clothes and women in ghagras} turned into wooden collectibles. Our favourites were the happy green parrots that are definitely light enough for the grumbliest traveler to carry back.

    The next floor is precious and semi-precious stones studded in gold and silver jewellery – so skip this floor unless you’ve come with time and want to go hardcore. We skipped this floor because we only had 20 minutes and a flight to catch!

    The second floor was our favourite – textiles. Material here ranges in colours, textures, and levels of hand-making. If you’re looking for a block-printed cotton, an intricately printed satin, or solid-hued raw silks, you’ll find all kinds of material here. You’ll also find ready-made cushion covers, some pairs of pants {not a whole lot, but some killer pairs}, quilts, sheets, tablecloths, and tons more.

    The final floor is carpets – another floor we skipped because we too busy ODing on the other floors. A cursory glance showed range in designs and textures that should definitely be explored if you’re in the market for a new rug or giant carpet.

    So, We're Saying...

    Worth checking out if you’re big on handicrafts on, and too short on time to do a full bazaar run.


    PS: Ask For Mr Anant Mahesh Gupta – he’ll take you through the store and answer questions patiently, and also do some cool block-printing right in front of you!