Motherboard Coasters Or Glass Bottle Earrings? Rimagined Upcycles Trash To Treasure

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Rimagined is a website that upcycles usable trash to create utility products and brings them back into the consumer cycle. Ceramic, plastic, glass and more, this company will upcycle all kinds of materials to make this world a greener place. 

Trash Reimagined, Litter-ally

A Bangalaore-based company, Rimagined believes in conscious consumption and with their efforts they’re making an impact that you too can contribute towards {we’ll tell how you in a bit}. Every product that you see on the brand’s website is made from materials rescued before they hit the wastelands and have been transformed into chic home decor, stationery, furniture and fashion items.

Don’t believe that trash can look chic? Check out Rimagined’s motherboard coasters and their tyre tube notebooks that’ll make you rethink the way you see trash. They’ve also transformed glass bottles into stunning jewellery like this elegant pendant necklace and the turquoise earrings which you could store in their tetra pack jewellery box maybe.

Oh and Rimagined’s the perfect website if you’re planning on redecorating and even if you’re not, their home decor and furniture range will give you reasons to. The scented candle in a Corona bottle, wrinkled vinyl record clock, patio chairs and Jodhpuri poufs made with scraps of discarded fabrics are just some of the things we’re totally digging.

They also have utility pouches, funky recycled loafers, beer bottle glasses, poufs made out of genuine jeans labels and a lot of other products that promote the brand’s vision of upcycling in everyday life.

So, We're Saying...

They can even upcycle old saris that you don’t wear anymore {but are too sad to part with} and turn them into personalised products for you. Also, while you’re shopping on this website, you’ll be able to see how much landfill you’re pulling away and that’s your bit towards making a green impact.

We all know that materials like aluminium, rubber soles and the like live forever, so we might as well try to ensure that they live a long but fulfilling life. Rimagined delivers across India and charges a nominal fee for orders below INR 2,000.