More Than Dosa: Eat The Best Of Local South Indian Food At Savya Rasa

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What Makes It Awesome

Savya Rasa is a newly-opened South Indian restaurant in Gurgaon's Ardee Mall. What's so special about this one though? The fact that they do Chettinad, Moplah (Malabar), Nasrani (Syrian Christian), Mysuru, Mangaluru, and Kongunadu food you'd find in traditional South Indian homes or on local streets. 

Being a Syrian Catholic, I'm delighted to come across a restaurant in Delhi NCR that reminds me of home and my holidays in Kerala with every single one of its dishes. Everything from the different types of flavoured drinking water (an ayurvedic Vetiver water, and warm jeera water) and food, to the interiors (that resemble an ancestral Kerala-style house) and even the staff's attire is as authentic as it can be.

Food-wise, the Kozhi Rasam on Savya Rasa's menu (a slow-cooked, peppered soup made with chicken stock) is everything my naani would make to help sooth a crazy cold/fever. They also have Neer Dosa with Batata Pathanja Gassi (a light as a feather crepe with vegetable coconut stew) which is very similar to the dosa and stew my mum cooks every Easter and on other festivals. If you're a fan of the coconut-y flavour though, do try the Sainu Thatha's Kozhi Kebab here which comes with a rich layer of coconut milk (it's quite similar to Afghani Chicken, but with South Indian flavours). However, the one thing that you absolutely have to try at Savya Rasa is the Bun Parotta. It's a fluffy, layered bread that's generously slathered with butter, and you can eat it with absolutely any curry, or even just as it is! 

Venchina Mamsa Kura (a super fresh, pudina-marinated fish), Siru Sola Varuval (marinated, fried baby corn), and Thayir Saadam (curd rice with deep-fried, dried curd chillies) are some of our other favourites. 

As for dessert, both their Badam Halwa and the Elaneer Payasam (tender coconut milk kheer) have my heart. While the halwa is rich, warm, and mildly sweet, the latter is super light and refreshing. Honestly, order both as they balance each other out and more dessert equals more happiness, right?

What Could Be Better

We do wish that they open an outlet in Delhi too (but for now, the trek to Gurgaon will be so worth it; promise). Also, they don't have a liquor license yet, but we're told that they're working on getting one pronto.

Pro Tip

Don't forget to end your meal here like the South Indians do.. with a strong, and smooth cup of Filter Kaapi. Don't be disheartened Team Tea; try the Sulaimani Chai here. The golden colour, spices, and the raw palm sugar taste make it just as good as the Filter Kaapi (or better in fact, but I'm Team Tea anyway).