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Set City

Say It With Cookies! Book Mark This Place For Yummy Customised Cookies!


    Move over photo cakes! This personalised box of cookie is the new thing in town and I can’t stop drooling over it.

    Baked and designed with love, at Freddie's Baking Studio - you simply let cookies do the talking. The studio specialises in making carefully handcrafted and delicately illustrated cookies that are baked to perfection. From getting ‘I do’, ‘save the date’ to birthdays, baby shower, wedding favours - you get cookie for every occasion at this mighty place.

    When I am getting married, I am definitely getting the save the date, I do and even haldi/mehendi special cookies from this very place.

    So, if you are an art geek like I am and loves all things pretty and cute, this place needs to be bookmarked right away!

    What’s more - you can get hampers made and the studio delivers pan-India. Bengaluru peeps can also enjoy the delicious cakes from the studio :) And if you love pampering your loved one with portraits or personalised gifts, this studio lets you do that with their classic portrait cookies :)

    Price Range: The customise cookies cost anything between 600 to 1500 (Pack of 6) and everyday cookie menu starts from Rs 100