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Meats, Veggies, Seafood: Scoring The Freshest Produce In Delhi

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All geared up to whip up a five-course meal in your kitchen? Apart from your skills and enthusiasm, you’re also going to need quality ingredients to make sure the plan succeeds beautifully. Here are some of my go-to places for the freshest produce in the city.


Ham and pork – especially for the vindaloo. The fatty part of the pork is what we go for at SodaBottle! PigPo has the best pork meat you can get your hands on in Delhi. I also buy ham, sausages, and the best cuts for vindaloo which I make at home.


You’ll find a lot of international ingredients here that you would usually find in a Sainsbury, Tesco or a Carrefour abroad. Not exactly cheap, but if variety is what you seek, head here. There is an excellent array of exotic vegetables; think avocadoes, or baby brinjals for that Thai curry you may want to cook tonight.

Sarojini Nagar

When we think of Sarojini Nagar Market, we think of the clothes, but the market behind the hoards of clothes has some really nice fresh fruits and vegetables. We usually end up going to supermarkets or INA but you’d definitely get a better price here and you’d also be able to see what’s in season. The market is all day but shut on Sundays.

Azadpur Mandi

Everything I’ve learned about Azadpur Mandi is from my vegetable supplier. Fruits and vegetables from all over India come here as it is the largest wholesale market in Asia. If you want to go there and see what’s happening, you’d need to visit it between 3am – 4am when all the produce comes to the city.
Then it is auctioned and suppliers send it to their outlets, smaller markets, restaurants, supermarkets, thelawallas; everyone gets their veggies from here. It is closed on Sundays and open very early in the morning on other days till late afternoon. Visit it- it’s quite a sight!

CR Park

For the fish lovers, for Bengalis and Parsis, we crave fresh fish! I can just imagine taaja boomla {fresh Bombay duck} being picked up from the little shops in CR Park and being fried at home. It’s a very happy memory of Bombay or Calcutta. You’ll find all sorts of fresh fish, and you can get them cut the way you prefer, which they would traditionally and even today cut with a bonti {a Bengali cutting instrument whose curving blade rises vertically out of a wooden board} placed on the floor. It’s quite an experience, Go buy fresh fish and cook it the way you like.

Khari Baoli

Situated in Chandni Chowk near Red Fort, Khari Baoli is known for its wholesale grocery and largest spice market in Asia. People go all the way as the produce here is fresh and cheap. Rice, wheat flour {atta} and all ration is bought here, but it is most famous for its street that bears spices. Just follow the fragrance. Stacks of dried fruit and ground spices are also available. Do ask a shop or two if you could get the spices roasted and ground, for further convenience. And just let your nose explore- you never know what you’ll find in this ancient market.