A Perfectly Laid-Back And Affordable Hill Holiday Awaits At Seclude, Palampur

Seclude Palampur


Parked in one of the most picturesque locations, this bed and breakfast place is warm, inviting and pocket-friendly. Seclude’s been built using locally-sourced building materials ,and recreates a homely feeling rather charmingly.

Secluded From All Things City

No one can deny that there’s something deeply nourishing in that mountain breeze and milky tea for us tired city dwellers. This Palampur gem has that exact vibe going.

The host and the cook keep it together by the way of impeccable hospitality and lovingly-prepared, modest meals. We love that we’re surrounded by the mountains from the moment we open our eyes in the morning till we hit the sack, tired after a day of trekking and cycling.

The idea behind the place is to let you introspect and appreciate the little joys we often take for granted. There’s an Author’s Room with big French windows so you can spend hours at that desk with your thoughts {nature’s always the best inspiration for aspiring romantic poets}.

Bonding Time With The Crew

The verandahs sprouting out of the rooms are great if you want to sit out and read stories to your children, while the sprawling fields in the vicinity is where you take bae and those endless conversations you’ve been holding inside.

We promise, no matter who your travel partner is, the property will have a lot to offer. It’ll be equally receptive if you want to just be left alone in that rustic room or that balcony, day-dreaming of that start-up, sipping chai.


The area around Kangra valley is famous for its adventure sports and you can always plan a trip to nearby villages, Dhauladhar National Park  or Chamunda Devi.

Seclude Palampur