This Brand's Preservative-Free 'Masalas' Will Elevate Your Homemade Dishes

What Makes It Awesome

Salz & Aroma is an online-only brand whose fantastic range of organic spices has found a permanent space in our kitchen shelves. Their range includes all the Indian kitchen staples like fenugreek seeds, turmeric powder, red chili powder, amchur, cumin, black salt, cloves, anardana powder, saunf, and cardamom. What sets Salz & Aroma apart is the fact that all of their products are chemical and preservative-free, and they use no dyes to make them 'masalas' attractive. 100% natural spice-blends is what you get.

We bought the red chili powder, arrowroot powder, and cumin seeds from them. The red chili powder (INR 285 for 250g) had no added colour, unlike a lot of big brands, and packed quite a bit of heat, while the yellow-brown cumin seeds (INR 290 for 250g) added the perfect flavour to our everyday bowl of rice. We are yet to try the Arrowroot powder (INR 255 for 350g), but the reviews from our friends have been all-positive. 

You can shop for Salz & Aroma's products right here on LBB. Happy cooking!