Small Budget, Big Celebrations: What You Can Do In Delhi Under INR 100

You might not get a big promotion every day, or find someone meant just for you on that dating app you have. But when you get a seat on the metro, or parallel park like a boss in Khan Market, or take less than two hours to get back home from Gurgaon {there’s hope, it can happen}, it really does require a celebration.

Whoever said the best things in life are expensive, clearly had a lot of money…and wasn’t us. We went on a hunt to find the most awesome experiences in Delhi/NCR for under INR 100, and here’s what made it to our list.

Kunzum Café At INR *Whatever You Like*

Lack of money wreaking havoc on your best laid plans? Head to Kunzum Café for some coffee, cookies and conversations. The best part? Kunzum café operates on a ‘pay what you want’ basis. So, if big celebrations mean catching up with old buddies, then Kunzum Café is most definitely the place for you.

Where: Hauz Khas Village


Kunzum Travel Cafe


T-49, Ground Floor, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi


Sunday Book Market, Daryaganj, Starting At INR 20

For those who seek the comfort of a good book no matter the occasion, the Sunday book market at Daryaganj is the place for you. Open only on Sundays, the book market is more than a kilometre long. So remember to put on comfy shoes, for you may end up buying books by the kilo – we always do.

Book Stores

Book Bazaar

Asaf Ali Road, Near Police Station, Daryaganj, New Delhi


    Delhi Drum Circle For Free

    DDC is a group of musicians and percussionists who gather every fortnight to jam and improve. They invite everyone with an instrument, and also just to cheer. So, let the musician in you out and celebrate big with like-minded individuals. DDC keeps changing their venue, so you can keep track of their next session here.

    Ice Cream At India Gate

    While wandering about the park around India Gate costs absolutely nothing, if you’re looking to sweeten your victory, nothing beats an ice cream. Head to India Gate for a spoonful of your favourite flavour and celebrate big at Rajpath.

    Where: Rajpath

    Sarojini Nagar At INR 100

    Ok, shopping may be little exaggerated with only INR 100 in your pocket, but if there’s one place where that amount of money still has value, it is Sarojini Nagar. From kurtas and sunglasses, to accessories and more, the Sarojini Nagar market offers a range of items where you can reward your small victories.

    Delhi Metro’s One Day Pass At INR 100/day

    Travelling and exploring is akin to celebrating life. And if the explorer in you is looking for an out then the Delhi metro offers a one day pass at INR 100. So, whether you’re looking to find new places in town or simply need to unwind, just sit back and relax in the comfort of the Delhi metro and go find your city.

    Indian Mountaneering Foundation At INR 100 For 4 Hours

    If a big celebration means going on an adventure, then the Indian Mountaneering Foundation at South Campus may have the solution. It offers artificial wall climbing at just INR 100 for four hours. So gather your adrenaline junkies and test your strength at the mountaineering foundation.

    Where: Benito Juarez Road, Moti Bagh

    Garden Of Five Senses For Free

    Spread over 20 acres, the garden of five senses has pools full of water lilies, bamboo courts, herb gardens and a solar energy park.  With spiral walkways and water cascades, the garden epitomises beauty. So, you can pack a picnic with your loved ones, make any occasion a big celebration and soak in some beauty. And this is at no cost at all!

    Where: Saidulajab

    Kulle Ki Chaat At INR 40 Per Plate

    ulle is a fruit chaat that was invented {allegedly} in Delhi. Perfect for summers, Kulle’s chaat has fresh fruit and vegetables topped with tangy spices. So, if you’re looking to celebrate big on a hot summer afternoon, nothing will beat this healthy Delhi snack. Find this at Chawri Bazaar, and it’ll set you back only 40 rupees.

    How do you celebrate the small joys? Let us know in the comments below.

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