The Spice Lab In Gurgaon For Gosht Rara And Murg Handi

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The Spice Lab is a small north Indian restaurant with simple interiors and outdoor seating.

Must Eat

Gosht Rara and Murg Handi

Must Drink

Masala Shikanji accompanies the food well and refreshes your palate.

What We Loved

The Gosht Rara is just scrumptious—perfectly cooked, flavourful mutton, which just falls apart from the bone and melts in your mouth. Their Murg Handi is a thick tomato-based, creamy gravy with a melody of strong spices. The chilli that hits you as an aftertaste is strong but not overpowering. We loved that they had the option of boneless chicken.

Their staff is well-informed and super-accommodating. The packaging is clean and efficient, in case you get a doggy-bag. and the quantities are generous to say the least.

What Didn't Impress Us

Their starters are a little uninspired and lack the flavour that is prevalent in the main course.

What Is The Best Time To Visit?

A perfectly great lunch place, we’d recommend it for dinners too. They excel in simple, flavourful food done well, and isn’t too heavy on the pocket, either.


We wouldn’t order the naan for delivery; it gets soggy by the time it reaches you.