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Grab Those Tissues! Delhi’s Spiciest Dishes You Gotta Try For That Extra Kick

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Got the hots for spicy dishes? Then this should be on your foodie bucket list! Not for the faint hearted, these dishes are going to set your taste buds on fire. While the rest of the world might throw a fit over our use of chilli, we Indians embrace it. Many of us, in fact, live for those dishes that have us sweating, our eyes tearing up, and for puffs of smoke to billow from our ears. If you are one of those, keep reading, here’s a lowdown of dishes you must try to satiate your cravings.

And remember, while your taste buds crave hot dishes, your stomach has to deal with the steep price for that spicy love affair. Make sure you get packets of ENO Cooling.

Not So Sweet Potatoes

The Pappu Chaat Bhandar at KG Marg is known for their spicy aloo chaat tales. Known for their fruit chaat and juices otherwise, you gotta try their aaloo chaat, which is tossed in a spicy and tangy chutney.

Spice In My Sushi

More a sushi person? Munch on delish Spicy Summer Sushi at Yum Yum Cha for those hot cravings. Laced with exotic spices, this is our favourite pick to get that serving of traditional Japanese cuisine.

#LBBTip: With spices in the dish and a dose of wasabi, your tummy might have reason to complain. Make sure you’re carrying a packet of ENO Cooling , mint flavour, and get fast cooling relief from acidity and burning sensation during your spicy food trail.

Biryani & Beer

Every foodie daredevil must try the range of biryanis at Beeryani.  Their extensive variants of biryani {even for vegetarians} include paneer, chicken, mutton and seafood go best with a mug of draught beer, especially when the spice levels go soaring.

Hot Green Beans

Feeling the midweek blues? Call for this green in colour, Spicy Sambal Long Beans by Karate Kitchen that only appear to be cool but are super fiery. Gorge on to this tasty treat of Asian spices or call for the thinly spiced Korean pork for insane hot endings.

#LBBTip: While the rich flavours of the dish will get you grinning ear to ear, we don’t want you to deal with the after-effects of an upset stomach. Don’t forget to carry a sachet of ENO Cooling in the lemon flavour, and add some much needed zesty taste to your palate.