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Switch To These Excellent Indian Brands For Your Skin & Hair!

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I'm a big fan of these absolutely awesome skin and haircare brands I discovered and ordered from LBB 

I had the worst skin last year because of excessive travel for work. A subsequent trip to the dermatologist had me spending ridiculous amounts of money on multiple creams, lotions and more- but over the past few months, what I've seen is the simpler the products I use, the better the impact & the cleaner my skin. 

Here are a few of my go-to products: 

I swear by this Three Sisters Organic (new brand! Won LBB's Local Biz Fam) gentle face scrub (it's a pack, but I don't have patience for that ; so I use it as a exfoliator) + their avocado oil, which I use every night on face (and on my hair!)

Sahdev's coconut oil is the best I've used so far- use this on my face and hair

Arata's cream and shampoo are awesome!

BareAir- new brand, and their facewash is super mild!

FINALLY! heard of this American brand called gisou? Simrasa is the Indian gisou! (If you have no idea what I'm referring to, they basically make the most divine and hydrating oil / serum like thing. You just need to apply a drop and apply it on your hair)

Also check out soulflower's sunscreen lotion on LBB. I've been using it through the year, and for someone like me with super sensitive skin, it's worked well. 

Three Sisters Organics- Almond & Orange Face Scrum


Three Sisters Organics- Avocado Oil


Virgin Coconut Oil- Sadhev


Body Lotion- Arata


Shampoo- Arata


BareAir Face Wash


Soulflower Sunscreen


Simrasa Hair Gloss