Stock Up Your Weekly Needs From This Farm That Does Everything Organic

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What Makes It Awesome

I liked the idea of going to the farm and buying my own vegetables. This place is perfect for people who wish to visit the farm and witness the vegetation are most welcome.

Kavita Bagga, the one who takes care of everything at the farm is a fantastic host. They grow 20-30 seasonal crops each season. The ones they are currently looking after are cucumber, bitter gourd, sponge gourd, bottle gourd, amaranth, spinach, dinosaur kale, arugula, swiss chard, english carrots, celery, parsley, eggplant {green, white and black}, pumpkin, wood apple, plantain, jamun, mint, onion, moringa , aloe vera, zucchini, cowpea beans, cluster beans, jackfruit etc.

Through KARA Organics they strive to constantly educate and evolve their customers to the benefits of eating organic and fresh food and given the contaminated environment and our lifestyles, the fact that going organic is our best safety net. Their fresh produce is available as home delivery to many parts of South Delhi and NCR.

This place is a certified farm where they grow & sell vegetables {regular & exotic}. Their farm is chemical & pesticide free for over 20 years and produce is strictly seasonal and high on nutritive values and natural taste. They also do dairy products like fresh cottage cheese {paneer} made from their own Sahiwal cows. The cows are fed certified organic fodder grown at the farm itself and milked naturally without any injected hormones or artificial methods. Their vegetables are produced by highly experienced and knowledgeable workforce at their own farm where the entire management process of organic production is directly under supervision. The bio inputs used in the production of vegetable are also manufactured by an in-house processing unit. These are all approved for organic agriculture & certified by world-renowned agencies such as the IMO.

What Could Be Better?

You might not find everything every time so you will have to check for seasonal availability.

What's My Pro Tip?

Call Kavita before you plan the trip to the farm at +91 98679 93300.

Anything Else?

The minimum order value for free home delivery INR 600 in South Delhi and NCR. The vegetables can be picked directly from the farm or their office at GK2 {Vipps Center, Masjid Moth} with a day’s notice.