Fluffy & Fresh: These Wholesome Muffins Are Perfect For Breakfast & Snacking

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What Makes It Awesome

Back when breakfast buffets were a thing, I'd pretty much beeline towards the baked goods set-up and grab a huge muffin (or three) to have with my coffee. It's still my go-to snack with coffee and I'll have it for dessert, too. Basically, I love muffins; that's probably why I thought The Muffin Box was the coolest new baker I'd seen pop up on Instagram. They make healthy muffins without gluten, dairy, refined sugar and refined oil so, um, I'll take a box of 6. 

Made using oats, almond milk and coconut sugar, they've got banana cinnamon muffins with various fillings like fresh blueberries, chocolate chips, coffee and seasonal fresh strawberries. They come in boxes of 6 and they're not tiny muffins either so they're good for breakfast or even to have as a snack on the go. 

Price: INR 600 upwards


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