Be Your Own Chef With This Brand's Easy Dessert Pre-Mixes

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What Makes It Awesome

You want to make some hearty blueberry pancakes for that weekend brunch or some muffins to go with your evening coffee, but the search for the perfect ingredients might set you off, into a frenzy. Man, do we miss Dessert Bazaar and walking around just binging on yummy things. But hey, this year's virtual Dessert Bazaar has something for you.

The Daily Gourment, an online-only brand, has the perfect solution – they have a range of pre-mixes that'll definitely make brekkie and post-meal desserts a delight. Go for their blueberry pancake mix (INR 190 for 185g) or cranberry & oat wholewheat pancake mix (INR 235 for 220g) for a health kick, or go chocolate crazy baking double chocolate muffins (INR 210 for 405g) and rich dark chocolate cakes (INR 240 for 420g). They've got mixes for cinnamon pancakes, Victorian vanilla cake, and blueberry & oat muffins, as well.

We love these because they make it super easy to whip up (and learn) something new in the kitchen and add a little zing to your everyday meals. Go, treat yourself (and friends and fam) to some awesome desserts.

What Could Be Better

We hope they come up with some savoury options as well.


They've got all the instructions on the packaging, so you literally only have to use the most basic ingredients like water, eggs and butter – easy-peasy.

Also, they are available to shop on LBB, too!