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These Hand Creams Smell Great And Actually Get Rid Of Dry Skin!

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What Makes It Awesome

If your hands feel like they're permanently suffering through winter, I can relate. I literally keep multiple hand creams on my bedside table so I can keep reapplying throughout the day but the dryness doesn't stop! Add frequent sanitising and workouts to it and my hands are a mess so I love trying out new hand creams and I found The Palm Care Company, an online store that only makes hand creams so I had to give them a try.

Since they specialise in just doing hand creams, I was more inclined to checking their stuff out; they use carefully sourced and natural ingredients and the creams are produced in small batches to ensure freshness. They make natural, scented creams like the berry, orange and peachy ones. There's also a super cool hand balm that softens callouses in case you're a lifter at the gym. Perfect to keep in your handbag or car, there's a sanitising hand cream, too, which is a saviour because constantly sanitising really dries out my hands. 

The most unique hand cream they've got, though, was the "Apres-fumee" cream that's supposed to neutralise the smell of smoke from your fingers and hands, post-cigarette breaks. It also helps protect nails from nicotine stains. 

Price: INR 275 upwards