The Reader's Cafe In Ghaziabad Is A Boon For Hungry Bookworms

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This is a place for readers to congregate, sit their buttocks down, open their books to the page they were at, and never get up. Ever.

Book What They Have Here

They’ve got a massive collection of classics, and mainstream books. Here’s the main point – it’s a book store cum library, cum café. You can buy a book, pick up any book from their borrowing section for as long as you’re in the café, order a coffee and forget a world exists outside the door of this café.

We found a lot of things you wouldn’t find outside – such as a few of the old Phantom comics, and a book exclusively dedicated to the Porsche 911 GT3.

Also, look out for a lot of Wodehouse, Sparks, Rick Riordan and many many other authors; it’s a proper library – the bookshelves occupy more space than the food counter does. Plus, they have a small ladder for midgets who can’t get to the top shelf without bringing the whole place down.

So, We're Saying

The café might be a little expensive, but it’s good and it’s got a modest menu. Little muffins, a coffee here or there, and if you’ve just won the lottery, maybe you can afford a slice of the cheesecake. If you’re an avid reader, and you’re in the area looking for a quiet time, go.