This Affordable Tiffin Service In Gurgaon Is Healthy, Authentic & Delicious


    What Makes It Awesome

    Sure, ordering in is fun but what do you do when you feel like eating a nice home cooked meal but your skills in the kitchen are severely lacking or maybe you just don't have the time or energy? You hit up a tiffin service that sends you homemade food, duh. The Baujis is one such tiffin service in Gurgaon where they send you homemade meals that have been prepared hygienically using fresh and high quality ingredients. 

    They've got different meal plan options, depending on whether you'd like to opt for 2 meals a day or one. Their meal boxes typically include 2 vegetables, rotis, salad and rice. They're priced at between INR 99-105 per box and it's filling enough to last you till it's time for your next meal. 


    Want to know more about their meal plans or ready to subscribe to their tiffin service? Hit the "Enquire Now" button and you can talk to the folks at TheBaujis directly.