Wine-Tasting Or Birdwatching, Here Are 7 Things To Do For Free In Gurgaon

Editors posted on 12 July

What do you do in Gurgaon when you have no money? As budgeting can be hard, have a look at our suggestions below!

Head To Aravali Biodiversity Park

It’s crazy to think the park opened only six years ago, especially when most Gurgaon locals have probably been there at least once. It’s perfect for trekking, jogging, bird-watching, picnicking or just walking your dog. With between 100-200 species of flora, the park is also a good spot for photography and gardening.

Visit Gurgaon's Monuments

We know Gurgaon isn’t littered with tombs and monuments like Delhi, but there are still a few good sites where you can get your cultural game on. Temples and mosques include the Aliwardi Masjid, the Masani Temple, the Sita Ram Mandir and the impressive Shri Mata Sheetla Devi Temple.

For monuments, we have the Farrukh Nagar Fort, Qutub Khan’s tomb and the Ali Gosh Khan Baoli.

Play Sports In A Neighbourhood

Now we know renting a field, or playing at a stadium, costs money, so we recommend the easier option. Find a friend who lives in one of Gurgaon’s innumerable gated communities, and go play in their communal fields and spaces with a group of friends. Whether it’s badminton in Heritage City or cage football in Laburnum, there will always be a game on in Gurgaon.

Join A Book Club

Novel Ideas is a growing book club that you can join for free. They are over 300 members, with each allowed to present their case on what book to be read. They are open to any, and every, genre of books, and are open to all who enjoy reading and discussion.

Just write to or call founder Sunil Sharma at +91 9717719898.

Join A Drum Circle

The Delhi Drum Circle has a Gurgaon chapter. They encourage patrons to bring their own instruments and join in the fun on a regular basis. Their Facebook group allows members to post about upcoming circles in Gurgaon, and swapping notes about the last gathering. The meet ups are informal, non-commercial and a whole lot of fun!

You can follow the group on Facebook here.

Plan An Evening Of Wine Appreciation

Yep, wine-tasting sits proudly on this list of things to do for free, when in Gurgaon, courtesy Asian tapas and wine bar, Twist. Located in Cyber Hub, Twist hosts a free wine-tasting session every Thursday – 5 wines and starters included. Too good to be true? Read all about it here.


DLF Cyber Hub, 17 & 18, DLF Cyber City, Gurgaon

Curl Up With A Book At Cafe Wanderlust

A quiet space in Gurgaon is rare, so enjoy some down time and catch up on your reading at Café Wanderlust. They have hammocks, so you can have a mini-vacay before you get back to the real world. If you happen to find a crumpled INR 100 note in your jeans, get yourself a cup of Adrak Chai.

Check out our list of other places in Gurgaon where you can read for free.


DLF Galleria, SF-53&54, 1st Floor, DLF Phase 4, Gurgaon

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