8 Ways To Make It A LIT Girls' Day Out With Your Gang

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Planning a girls day out with your girlfriends? We've got a couple of great ideas on how you can spend a great day or two with you most favourite humans, read on!

Retail Therapy

Coral Ikat Overlay Culottes Jumpsuit

Coral Ikat Overlay Culottes Jumpsuit


Well first of all, who doesn't love a good shopping session? Okay, okay, we get it, some of you may not enjoy it. But those of you who do, maybe take a day out to just head to the mall, or Sarojini to fill your heart out with contentment. Or you can just order superb pieces for yourself from Shop on LBB (because it's 2020 and shopping local is what we're working towards). 

For Shop on LBB, apparel roughly starts at around INR 800.

Spa Day

This is another really great way to spend a girls day out. You can go ahead and treat each other to a spa day! It's a good way to also get in some bonding time into your schedule while unwinding as well. We've got an entire list of super cool spas in Delhi to choose from, so check it out! You and your girls can also go to Amatrra Spa, at the Ashok to unwind. 

Price: INR 3K and above. 

Sign Up For A Dance Class

Whether it is a fun Salsa dance class, bhangra or belly dancing one, we think that it's a super fun way to spend time with your home team! As for which class to take, we recommend a cool belly dancing workshop at Delhi Dance Academy. Not only will you work up a healthy sweat, but you'll also be in a great mood after. 

Price: INR 2,500 

Cook Gourmet Meals

Not to let my obsession with astrology cloud my judgement but cooking a gourmet food with your girlfriends or just your sisters or mom might be a great idea for all you Tauruses out there! Okay, fine, everybody loves food, so this one is perfect for everyone. There are a couple of services in Delhi that deliver fresh ingredients to your doorstep, and also provide an entire recipe, and method in which you can cook the meal. Cook Gourmet, is one such service!  So, please go ahead and check it out.

Price: INR 600 and above

Volunteer With Your Girls

It could be anything from volunteering at the local animal shelter or with children. But giving back to the community is one great way to spend quality time with your fav women! For instance, y'all can go ahead and spend time volunteering at All creatures Great & Small, an animal shelter in Faridabad, to do your part and also put out more love into the world.

Not only can you volunteer, but you can also donate funds via their website. 

Watch A Play

Life imitates art, right? So, why not indulge in more of it? Theater is one of the most fulfilling ways to spend time with a person and also, relax. So go ahead and get your girlfriends and yourself tickets to a good play.

Price: Most plays in Delhi can cost INR 400 and above. 

Party Like There's No Tomorrow!

Well, who doesn't enjoy the idea of a nice glass of red while unwinding with your best friends and just not having to think about the complexities of the opposite gender, or the complexities of life in general! So, Cin-cin to spending a chill night out in the company of wonderful women. Here's a list of all the budget bars you can hit up.

PS: You can definitely check out  TC Bar & Restaurant or Feel Alive in Gurgaon too for their ladies nights on Sunday. 

Price: INR 1K and above for alcohol at any of the eateries mentioned above. 

Plan A Women-Only Trip

Planning a trip with your girl gang or just any of your fav women is definitely a great way to make things special. If you're worried about all the planning, get in touch with these travel groups who specialise in curating women-only experiences.