Drop By This Paharganj Cafe For Homely Breakfast & Great Coffee

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What Makes It Awesome

We spent a lazy afternoon here in December and really took to the place. It's a small restaurant with basic seating which offers the chance to sit back, talk and people-watch. While the café has been around since the 80s and is quite popular, especially with travelers, you could easily miss it if you weren't looking for it. A small sign, a couple of roadside tables and an inset main room are all that you can expect.

Their menu has a good variety of North Indian, Chinese, continental and Spanish food and is very competitively priced. The food was simple and homely; we tried and enjoyed the tomato cheese omelette, their baked beans, toast and coffee and yes, their coffee is pretty good {this coming from a pair of south Indians who are usually quite picky about the beverage and where we drink}. Service was friendly and unobtrusive and they seemed fairly happy to let us sit for a leisurely hour without rushing us.

We highly recommend this place and will definitely go back the next time we're around Paharganj.

Anything Else?

Don't go in expecting phenomenal cuisine, plush ambience, WiFi or an easy time parking. That is not what the café is best for. The point of such a place is to sit and watch the world around, converse with interesting company over tea and cigarettes, and feel part of something larger.