'Tis The Season For Hearty Meals In A Bowl At Your Favourite Neighbourhood Bar

2012 Interested |

What Makes It Awesome

I've always loved meals in a bowl, they're so fuss-free and so satisfying {if they're done well!}, so every season when there's a craving for typical meals in a bowl like donburi and ramen, I'm only ordering those in that moment.

Now one of my favourite bars is taking it a step further with some of my favourite meal combinations and serving those as meals in a bowl. Check out Monkey Bar's new 'One Bowl Winter' combos like kadhi with rice and crisply fried bhindi, rajma with some pickled onions and rice. For carnivores, there's Kasundi marinated fish, spicy chicken xacuti and Kashmiri mutton yakhni with rice. I absolutely loved the fish and the mutton dishes here.

The best part is that these are whole meals with frills, the rajma bowl served with chilli pickle, papad and sirka onions, spicy yoghurt, spinach pakora, tawa aloo and rice or the kadhi Chawal comes with karari bhindi, tawa aloo, radish salad, chutney papad and ghee. The wild mushroom khichdi is a mix of slow-cooked mushrooms in moong dal khichdi and it's not all with just rice, the Kashmiri yakhni is paired with a saffron pulao. For a more global experience, choose from Moroccan vegetable tagine of mixed veggies, chickpeas, prunes, almonds and olives, served with couscous and Korean bibimbap that has spicy gochujang steak strips and pink sticky rice, topped with a fried egg.

What Could Be Better?

With a dozen options, the One Bowl Meal is quite the treat, a few more with noodles would have been great but I guess I'm just being greedy!

What's My Pro Tip?

All in all, there are 12 bowl combos, so go with a big appetite or better still go a couple of times since the promo is until December 30.

Anything Else?

The portions are pretty big and the pricing is good, so if you're looking for a place for a group meal, this would be a good menu to try!