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Hills Are Calling? Bookmark This Mystical Town With Views To Die For!

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Whether you’re seeking an adventure or tranquility, get ready to travel with us to this absolute gem of a town in the hills - Sironah. Keep reading for all the things to do (and not to do) as you embark on this mystical journey!

Cozy & Quiet Local Café Sironah

If it gets too cold around the town, (figuratively and literally), treat yourself to a cup of freshly brewed coffee at Café Sironah that will warm you right up! Run by an old couple, Cafe Sironah is situated right at the centre of the town making it a popular local hang-out spot surrounded by lush gardens and river streams. Guess what, that’s not it. The café’s owner prides himself on teaching the craft of making scoobies to kids - especially unsuspecting young girls. If you’re not so much into the craft, feel free to shop some scoobies and take back as a souvenir!

Splurge & Stay (Safe)

Relax, reboot and recharge yourself by booking your stay at Taj Lodge or Hotel Bom. With a mix of traditional and mid-century modern interiors, get ready to amp up your social media presence with some very aesthetic Instagrammable captures! While you’re scouting for the perfect backdrops and corners, watch out for any shady characters roaming outside Hotel Bom, looking like drug dealers. If you see anything suspicious, don't fret and simply inform the owner right away. (Didn’t you say you wanted a complete towny experience?

Live Like The Locals...With Caution

Budget Homestays

Sironah offers a line of options for budget homestays in enchanting cottages and villas. Curated well with basic amenities, these stays are enhanced with large windows that enable you to bask in winter Sun throughout the day. AND these homestays come equipped with fireplaces to keep you warm through the night. If eerie hilly nights freak you out, opt to book your stay at the local cop, Kasturi’s Inn and she may even let you help on some local mystery cases! (Is that you, Sherlock? :D

Follow Sironah Forest Trails...Or Not

Stroll through the dense forest and admire the natural beauty of this hill station. Reconnect with nature and trek down to the picturesque locations to enjoy the sunrise amidst the beautiful mountains. Whether a nature lover or not, you’ll love the bright sun filtering dramatically through the tall trees all across your pathway. Sounds fun, right? Just make sure you start early and head back to town by nightfall. Word on the Sironah streets is that nights could get really cold and dreary, so explore with caution and enjoy your mystical holiday!

Pro- Tip:

Rumour has it that 19 years ago, the town faced a misfortune caused by a mythical wild creature. Want to know more? Watch Now!

P.S. Find out more about the mysteries of Sironah on 22 November, 2021!