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Stop Everything And Go Try These Tandoori Momo Right Now



    Just outside of Om Sweets in Sector 31 market, we found some of the best tandoori momo ever. Best. Ever.

    A True Hidden Gem

    The best things in life happen quite randomly – just like when we chanced upon a hawker serving steamed and tandoori momo in the Sector 31 market.

    These guys make some of the tangiest, most succulent momo we’ve ever had; the only issue is they do not have a name or any signage for their little food stall. Having said that, these guys are not that hard to spot since they always have a big crowd surrounding their stall.

    Next Level Momo

    The momo has been a long-standing friend; a snack that always delivers, a snack that never lets us down. But then these guys just took it to another level by putting them on skewers and racking them on a tandoor and tossing them in a tangy tandoori sauce.

    The Chicken Tandoori momo have warmed many a winter evening stroll {who are we kidding? We didn’t stroll, we always went with purpose}. These are served with an assortment of chutneys and a mayo-like dip that pairs perfectly with the spice of the momo.

    So, We're Saying...

    Grab a chilled {Diet} Coke {Zero}, get yourself a plate of these delectable momo and you’re sorted for the evening.