Turquoise Ice Cream: Turkish Ice Cream You Can Eat Upside Down

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The latest buzz in Noida is around an ice cream stall on the ground floor of Great India Place. There’s two Turkish men serving up Turkish Maras ice cream in a variety of flavours, and they tease you {no, not in a gross way} no end before handing you your cone.

Game Of Cones

We came across Turquoise Ice Cream manned by two men in velvet tagiyahs {Turkish hats} who seemed very very eager to serve their ice cream.

Once you place your order, the main man goes into Broadway mode and puts on a great show of kneading the ice cream with a long metal stick, tossing a whole mass of it it in the air, putting a scoop in a cone and then proceeding to tease you with it {much like an annoying sibling}.

He swirls the cone around your ear, giving you just the cone without the contents, rotates the ice cream 360 degrees while you flail your arms around trying to catch it, and even tricks you into just taking the tissue at one point.

Mission To Maras

The ice cream itself is available in a bunch of flavours including strawberry, chocolate, mango, lemon, caramel and banana. The Turkish ice cream {known as Maras} is denser than the average ice cream we’re used to it. The result? You can hold the cone upside down while you eat it {eat that, gravity!} or even choose to eat it with a knife and fork.

What we really love is that final sprinkle of pistachio at the end. Yum.