PosterGully Is Selling Unique Designs For Wall Decals, Laptop Skins & Even Phone Covers!

What Makes It Awesome

PosterGully provides you with prints in a variety of sizes - the smaller ones are about INR 170 and the bigger ones are around INR 2,000 and above. They also have a very efficient system if you're an artist looking to sell your designs.

What Could Be Better?

The website, in general, is amazing and the categorisation is great. They're known for their laptop skins which are some of the best in the market.

What's My Pro Tip

Subscribe to their newsletters and stay on top of the discount game. They have sales running throughout the year with prices slashed as far as 40%. So if you're looking to do up your wall, subscribe.

Anything Else

The packaging is wonderful so rest assured your posters or other stuff will not get ruined. I have ordered multiple items - everything from prints to glass frames and they have always been in excellent condition. There is no watermark either on the final product and this is one website I keep going back to for the uniqueness and the variety. Their delivery is one of the best things about Postergully - products are shipped out usually within 3-4 days.