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Hedge Your Bets At Vapour Bar Exchange In Gurgaon


    Live out your Wall Street fantasies at Vapour in Sector 29, which works as a bar exchange where prices of drinks vary on demand and supply.

    What goes up must come down

    It’s very simple. When a commodity is in hot demand, it gets to act pricey. This fundamental rule of dating and the stock market now applies to our drinks. Depending on what other people are drinking on a particular night, the stocks might run low and therefore the price might rise. {Otherwise known as surge pricing to Uber users}. But the good news is, unlike Uber, prices swing the other way as well. The best news is, pick something that not everyone has their eye on and you’ve got yourself a steal.

    The rules of the game

    So here’s how it works. When you enter the bar, you’re assigned a table and you have to download their app, which works on Android, Windows and iOS. The fluctuating prices, as set by the bar, are displayed like the sensex on your screen. Pick a drink you fancy and it gets delivered to your table. Remember, drinking the same as your friends or drinking the same of your own drink might drive up the price! {Seasoned gamblers that we are, LBB suggests ordering two drinks at a time if you find it at the right price}.

    Wolfing down on Wall Street

    Because the rules of the market stay the same all around the world, the menu is comfortable in pretty much every cuisine you could want. Kebabs and dimsum, pizzas and enchiladas, there’s a decent portfolio of starters, mains and desserts as well as fresh brewed beer.

    Prices: We wish we knew! The word on the street is that a measure of Black Label was going for INR 120 one night. But you never know when the market turns!